When it comes to football, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy is quite serious. The school has remained a competitive mainstay in their conference for years, and is determined to continue to put the best on-the-field showing for their district and fans each and every year. In 2023, the school approached Farnham Equipment Company to assist in delivering and installing brand new outdoor bleachers for the visitors side ahead of the 2023 season. 

Working with Sturdisteel, FEC proposed designs for a new 12-row, 60 foot long bleacher with nearly 400 seats for visitors. This angle-frame bleacher includes a full-decking system with wheelchair cut-outs for ADA compliance, and ADA ramps for wheelchair access. FEC installers removed the existing bleachers and relocated to another area on the property and then promptly installed this new bleacher system ahead of football season.

This project turned out to be a fantastic customer-driven project. From initial contact, through design assistance and coordination during delivery and install, FEC exceeded expectations on a tight-summer window to deliver these bleachers for the school. The end result was a new code-compliant bleacher that complements the home side seating.

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