Project Name: Tri-C Metro Campus Bleacher Replacement
Owner: Cuyahoga Community College
Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers
Completion Date: August 2020

This project began when Farnham Equipment Company’s Service Department was contacted by Cincinnati Floor. They desired to remove their existing bleachers and replace the hardwood gym floor. Farnham’s Service Team was able to discuss seating issues with the bleachers along with safety issues and opportunities to upgrade their bleachers to be code compliant. Eventually, Cuyahoga Community College requested Farnham to design bleachers to fit the specifications of their facility.

One of the key design features considered was no longer using folding wall partitions in the gym. By closing off the wall pockets for them, we were able to design a continuous bank of bleachers on each side. By doing this, the bleachers came very close to maintaining their previous seating capacity with fewer rows while providing more floor space from the bleachers to the court line. 

We added Flex-Row ADA recoverable seating to allow for ADA wheelchair spaces without needing to sacrifice seats. To reduce setup time, Tri-C went with Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails. For safety purposes, these new bleachers include safety end curtains with custom graphics for the school. Lastly, both the handrails and the bleachers themselves were given custom colors to match the school. From the closed position, you can see the Triceratops school mascot thanks to the Extreme Logos package.

This is one of the more impressive bleacher replacement projects Farnham has completed. From meeting with the owner to solve the code compliance, to the upgrades and customization with Extreme Logos, this project proved to be an excellent addition to Cuyahoga Community College.

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