Ashland University takes great pride in its athletics, and in 2022 made commitments to invest considerable resources into a new softball complex for their school. Working alongside Simonson Construction, the University sought vendors of multiple scopes, including for stadium seating for the new field. Simonson contacted Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) to provide solutions for the seating around the baseball diamond. After several discussions, site visits, and layout options, FEC received contract awards for delivering and installing the new seating for the project.

FEC installed three bleachers for this project, one behind home plate and the other two going down the first and third baselines, respectively. Each bleacher is equipped with 4’6” vertical aisles with mid-aisle handrails, chain link guardrail systems, ADA wheelchair spaces and ADA-compliant ramps for accessibility. The home plate bleacher stands 72’” and is a 10-row x 28’8” bleacher, while the other two stand 72’ at 10-row x 21’. Working alongside National Recreation Systems (NRS), these bleachers come with an angle frame understructure with 8” rise and 24” spacing. Between the three bleachers, 230 seats were provided for spectators, including 134 purple contour seats behind home plate. 

This project involved many hurdles and product expertise that goes beyond the finished product. FEC’s service department worked directly with Simonson to provide adjustments and ensure that the sightlines for each bleacher would allow each fan a great viewing experience. The university is thrilled with the final outcome and is looking forward to showcasing these new bleachers during the 2023 season.

The project gallery for the softball seating at Ashland University is visible below.