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Telescopic Bleachers


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We’re building on our 50 years of experience by growing our Maintenance Program to better suit the needs of our customers. As football season ends and basketball season starts, it’s time to take a look at your bleachers, how are they holding up? When was the last time you had an inspection? Did you know that Farnham Equipment Company now offers inspections in compliance with the Ohio Building Code? The focus of our maintenance programs are safety, regulatory compliance, limitation of risk/liability & reduction in facility capitol costs through increased product life cycles. But we don’t stop at bleacher inspections, we will check out your Basketball Backstops, Divider Curtains, Mat Hoists, Batting Cages, Wall Mats, Telescoping Bleachers, Telescoping Platform and Chair Systems, Auditorium & Fixed Seating, Grandstands and more.  Farnham Equipment Company maintains all manufacturers’ products statewide including our featured product line from Hussey Seating Company.

Once we complete our inspection, we’ll give you the breakdown with a copy of our report with full details and recommendations for safety and compliance solutions. For more information you can check out our Maintenance Solutions.

Starting the process is easy – just submit a service ticket and we’ll be in touch!