Newton Local Schools | Newton Athletic Fieldhouse

Project Name:
Newton Athletic Fieldhouse
Owner: Newton Local Schools
Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers and Athletic Equipment
Completion Date: June 2020

Newton Local Schools were looking for athletic equipment and bleachers for their fieldhouse. Farnham Equipment Company’s service team provided the opportunity to deliver and install everything the district was looking for.

Through Hussey Seating Company, we were able to provide the district with a small wall-attached telescopic bleacher. The bleacher came with Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails and a Sure-Step assembly for the floor. 

Performance Sports System provided basketball backstops, wall pads and a baseball cage for the second level of the fieldhouse. 

This project became available thanks in large part to the product knowledge of our Service Team. The district requested Farnham Equipment Company’s services to install the products. After installation, our team came back to demonstrate how the bleacher and athletic equipment were to be used correctly. Our Service Team prides itself in being able to educate all of our customers on our products, so that the equipment and facilities run safely and properly.

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