Project Name: Fostoria 7-12 School and PK-6 Renovations
Owner: Fostoria City Schools
Architect: Garmann Miller Architects
Construction Manager: Shook-Touchstone
Scope: Casework, Lab Casework & Equipment
Completion: January 2020

Fostoria City Schools had a massive undertaking: not only were they constructing a new 7-12 building, but also had renovations for the PK-6 school along with some site maintenance. Farnham Equipment Company was able to assist them with some heavy-duty casework, for the classroom and the laboratory.

This project was unique in its demands and that it had multiple phases within it.  Therefore, with a tight window in the summer to turn the project around, this was an impressive feat for the Farnham Team.

Stevens Industries provided the necessary casework and custom millwork that included Epoxy resin tops, cabinetry for classrooms, and new countertops for sleek designs for their office space. In addition, they added some library shelving as well.

We also installed Clear on Oak wood-stained shelving from BroDart Co. for the PK-6 building.

Institutional Casework, Inc. provided the materials that would help create an entirely new and modern look for the science rooms. This included Heritage Maple casework for storage, cabinets, safety glass, and a fume hood among others.

The full project gallery for Fostoria 7-12 is visible below.