Dublin City Schools | Dublin Jerome Village/Bright Road Elementary Schools


Project Name: Dublin Jerome Village/Bright Road Elementary Schools
Owner: Dublin City Schools
Architect: OHM Advisors
Construction Manager: Corna Kokosing Construction Company
Scope: Provide and Install Educational Casework
Completion Date: June 2020

With the City of Dublin continuing to grow, the need for additional classroom space became evident. The School District decided to move forward with the construction of two new elementary schools. Farnham Equipment Company was awarded the Casework for both schools, encompassing classrooms of educational casework and some custom millwork within each school.

Farnham provided Educational Casework from Stevens Industries’ for both schools. WilsonArt Limber Maple was used consistently throughout both schools on all cabinetry, with the addition of custom back panel colors including WilsonArt Island, Ocean and Sol. This finish scheme allowed for color coordination of different classrooms throughout the elementary by matching casework interiors with wall accent paint colors. With different classrooms having different colors, the custom interiors of the casework allowed for the rooms to stand out nicely.  The finished product allowed for a modern look to the classrooms, as the traditional cabinets and shelves from Stevens contrasted the more modern “garage-style” window sills throughout the school.

With two identical sets of casework for both schools required to be installed concurrently, consistency and staying on schedule was of the utmost importance. Farnham was able to deliver and install within the needed time frame without compromising a consistent product for each classroom by utilizing several advantages:

  1. Utilizing Stevens’ Build and Hold capabilities.  The casework was built ahead of the anticipated delivery date and held in storage by Stevens in the required phasing sequence.  This is a program Stevens offers at no additional cost to the Owner/Contractor.
  2. Just in time delivery of material.  Because the casework was pre-built, our project manager was able to coordinate with jobsite conditions and delivery only what was needed, exactly when it was needed.  This allowed peace of mind for the project team that changes to the project schedule could be accommodated.
  3. Utilizing in house installation teams.  As work became available at different schools at different times, Farnham was able to adjust manpower to the needs of each building in a dynamic fashion to maximize efficiency.

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