Crystal Clear: How Culture Is Evident During Crisis

*This is an op-ed type of article to highlight the value of a good workplace culture amidst uncertain times*

It was my second semester during my second stint at college at Ohio State. I had made the decision to go back to pursue a degree in Strategic Communications. The job outlook of my close friend Jordan Hill, along with some real-world experience helped me conclude that Communications and Public Relations fit my personality.

A Brief History 

So there I was, sitting among 125 other students in Lanier Holt’s “Crisis in Communication” lecture. The classes big takeaway was telling the truth is the number one priority before, after and especially during a crisis. It made me think that if you speak too quickly, it could come back to bite you.

Fast forward, and we’re the thick of COVID-19. People are losing their jobs, stocks seem uncertain at best, working remotely has become the new normal. Over the past week, both professionally and personally, I’ve noticed how crisis or even suffering reveals the genuineness of character.

For businesses, this is the time where their company culture, highlighted in various emails, on-boarding, and during the hiring process is put to the test. What is our work culture like amidst crisis?

How Did It Play Out For Me?

Let’s rewind about 101 days, when I interviewed for Farnham Equipment Company. The interview lasted nearly 4 hours, between learning a broad scope of everything Farnham did and getting a sense about the culture there. After 2 hours, I met with my coworker who is now my best work friend for Starbucks near the office. She said the best part of working for Farnham was that the company takes care of you and the flexibility. I had heard that before, going through nearly 30 interviews prior to this one.

However, those words have rang true during this pandemic. My coworker wasn’t looking to bolster the image of FEC, but spoke truthfully as one who had experienced the culture she preached to me.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been so grateful to be in this company. Flexibility to work remotely given the parameters the government has instituted. Assurance of having work to do during this time and getting glimpses of how much Farnham really does look after its own. There’s more I could say about this, but this should suffice. It’s incredibly refreshing when a company culture proves true, no matter what “season” they are in.

So What?

Companies have a unique time to confirm or deny the culture they preach during this time. Uncertainty has a way of bringing people’s fears to the surface, and could even effect work productivity.  Being proactive, truthful and real about how you’re dealing with everything goes a long way for people. It grates against putting up a veneer that everything is fine, when it’s totally reasonable to have different emotions during this time.

If your company is anything like mine, you’ll find a place of gratitude and loyalty you hadn’t recognized was there amidst this crisis.


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