Fairfield City School District | Central Elementary, Compass Elementary, & Fairfield Freshmen High School

Project Name: Central Elementary, Compass Elementary & Fairfield Freshmen School
Owner: Fairfield City School District
Architect: SHP Leading Design
Construction Manager: Skanska-Megen, Joint Venture
General Contractor: D.A.G Construction Co. (Fairfield Freshmen Bleacher, Athletic Equipment, and Auditorium Contract Only)
Scope Elementary Schools: Materials & Installation of Educational Casework and Wood Trim
Scope Fairfield Freshmen School: Materials & Installation of Educational Casework, Telescopic Seating, Athletic Equipment, and Auditorium Seating
Completion: August 2017

On October 15, 2015 the Fairfield City School District Community gathered for the groundbreaking for their new schools. At the start of the 2017-2018 school year, the doors opened for students, faculty, and staff. Three new buildings were constructed: one to replace Central Elementary, one to replace the Freshmen School, and an entirely new school, Compass Elementary located directly across from Fairfield High School.

Central and Compass Elementary Schools mirror one another in design, with the exception of a change in color palette. Farnham Equipment Company supplied and installed Stevens Industries Educational Casework throughout both buildings. Both with a main finish of Fusion Maple, chose laminate backing of different colors: Central featured laminate in Ocean while Compass elementary highlighted with Leaf Green. Both utilized the traditional bent wire pulls and 5-knuckle hinges in Nickel. Central chose a countertop in Colosseum while Compass utilized Silver Twill as their countertop color choice.

A focal point for both buildings is the design of the new Media Centers. An open air design with aluminum posts, 3-Form & wood veneer accents give the new schools a sleek modern look.

Fairfield Freshmen also includes Stevens Industries Casework finished in Palisades Oak and a Pear Soapstone countertop with the same traditional bent wire pulls and 5-knuckle hinges in Nickel. The school also included laminates: Crystal White, Hollyberry, Ocean, and Orange Grove as accent colors. The Stevens science labs included a whiteboard style laminate for their upper cabinets for easy notating.

The Freshmen auditorium features Hussey Seating Company Traditional Quattro Seating with wood armrests with seat numbers and row letters. With 33 rows of seating, the auditorium can house up to 401 guests.

Hussey Seating Company Maxam26 Telescopic Bleachers are in the gymnasium featuring Bright Red CourtSide seating with Hussey’s new Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails. Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails are permanently mounted to the bleacher, and automatically rotate to the proper open or closed position during opening and closing.

Performance Sports Systems (PSS) Athletic Equipment includes basketball backstops on both the main court and side courts, divider curtain, wall pads, volleyball equipment, and a chin-up bar. Two Red scoreboards with wireless controllers were provided by All American Scoreboards.


Fairfield City School District | Central Elementary School

Fairfield City School District | Compass Elementary School

Fairfield City School District | Freshmen High School


Heidelberg University | Seiberling Gymnasium Bleacher Replacement

Heidelberg University unveiled their newly renovated Seiberling Gymnasium on August 18, and we were lucky enough to get in for a sneak peek the day before. The University kept the renovations under lock and key (actually replacing locks!) with windows covered, in anticipation of the official unveiling on August 18th prior to the first Heidelberg volleyball practice. Students and faculty gathered for many “ceremonial firsts” including the First Serve & Receive, First Takedown, First Shot & Assist, First Flip and First Dunk. Home of the volleyball, wrestling, and basketball teams, Seiberling Gymnasium is also utilized for six HYPE Career Ready Speakers, two Patricia Adams Lecture Series dinners and the Lichman-Behm Genocide Awareness Lectures.

“As a former player and now a coach, many emotions have been felt in this gym and I look forward to the impact it will have in the future. I can’t wait to share to with our prospective students. We’re only beginning to realize the impact it will have.”
- Head Women’s Basketball Coach Morgan Harrigan

The floor-to-ceiling renovation included new Hussey Seating Company Telescopic Bleachers. Two new Maxam26 bleacher banks, seating over 1500 guests, were personalized with black CourtSide Seats, Orange End Rails and Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails, and Safety End-Closure Curtains customized with The Student Prince.
Maximizing its accessibility for patrons, the Maxam26 bleachers include flex rows for optimal seating options. Maximizing its accessibility for faculty and staff, the bleachers feature ease of use accessories such as a wireless pendant control, auto-rotating aisle rails, and hinged floor to first row aisle steps making set up seamless and less labor intensive.

We recognize the impact of renovated space, and for these students, it’s much more than a color scheme – it’s opportunity.

“Because of this renovation, we finally get to host our own tournament and it’s something we look forward to.”
- Heidelberg University senior Rachel Raimondo

Heidelberg University Seiberling Gymnasium | Bleacher Replacement

Apollo Career Center

Project Name: Apollo Career Center
Owner: Apollo Career Center
Architect: Garmann Miller Architects/Engineers
Construction Manager: Shook Touchstone, LLC
General Contractor: Peterson Construction
Scope: Materials & Installation of Educational Casework, Lab Casework, Vocational Shop Casework, Architectural Wood Casework, Cosmetology Equipment, Library Casework
Completion: August 2016

The Apollo Career Center provides educational and career oriented programs to students in surrounding area high schools as well as adult education. Programs span from Administrative & Medical Office Technology and Automotive Technology to Cosmetology and Spa and Esthetics Technology to Culinary Arts and Early Childhood Education. Co-funded with the Ohio Facilities Construction (OFCC) and the district, the renovation and addition project lasted 7 phases completing in August 2016. Farnham Equipment Company had an expanded project scope, including: Educational Casework, Lab Casework, Vocational Shop Casework, Architectural Wood Casework, Cosmetology Equipment, Library Casework. FEC featured manufacturers including Stevens Industries for Casework throughout, ICI Scientific for Lab Casework and Equipment, Brodart Contract Furniture for Library Shelving, and Shain Solutions by Diversified Woodcrafts for Vocational Shop Equipment providing workbench stations and equipment storage. 

Harvey S. Firestone Community Learning Center | Akron Public Schools

Project Name: Harvey S. Firestone Community Learning Center
Owner: Akron Public Schools
Architect: GPD Group
General Contractor: Dunlop & Johnston, Inc.
Construction Manager: Ruhlin | Panzica | Jenkins Construction Managers Completion: August 2016

06402 Interior Architectural Casework
12324 Education & Music Casework
11610/12355 Lab Hoods & Casework
11480 Gym Equipment
12660 Telescoping Stands

Stevens Industries Wild Cherry Fronts, Pearl White interiors, standard 5-knuckle hinges and bentwire pulls with 3mm Steel Mesh Countertops, Backsplash, and Endsplash are typical throughout the new Community Learning Center. Additional wood trim and laminate panels were installed in the auditorium providing a vibrant sleek look. ICI Scientific matched the Wild Cherry laminate in the science labs topped with 1” black rhearesin. Fume Hoods were also provided and complemented with standard safety storage items.

Porter Athletic Equipment was provided in the two main gyms and activity center including backstops, adjustable chinning bar, wall pads, mat hoist, competition volleyball system, and scoreboards.

Two banks of wall-attached Hussey Seating Maxam26 bleachers with CourtSide Seats are on the main gym floor with net seating of 1,282. The north, east, and south balcony house Maxam Plus seating with a net capacity of 894. All seating is a combination of Legend Green and Bright Yellow. The second gymnasium, houses two banks of Maxam26 bleachers with a seating capacity of 575 in Blue and White. The Activities Center features one bank of Maxam26 bleachers with a 263 net seating capacity in Legend Green.