Summit Country Day School – Cincinnati, OH

Telescopic Bleachers

  Facility: Summit Country Day School – Cincinnati, OH Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company The Summit Country Day School replaced their older Hussey Seating Company bleachers this summer with new Hussey Telescopic Bleachers with CourtSide Seats including their signature logo and a seating capacity of 614. Before: After:  

New Seating for Whitehall Yearling High School

Facility: Whitehall Yearling High School – Whitehall City Schools, OH Project: Telescopic Seating Architect:  Schorr Architects, Inc. – Dublin, OH Construction Manager:  Ruscilli Construction Co., Inc. – Columbus, OH Contractor: Robertson Construction Services, Inc. – Heath, OH Sub-Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company Project: Outdoor Grandstand Up-Grade Architect:  Schorr Architects, Inc. – Dublin, OH Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company Whitehall Yearling High School has new and improved seating in the…

The Truth About Bleacher & Grandstand Safety: Code Requirements Defined

Bleacher Safety

  With heightened awareness of bleacher and grandstand safety also comes confusion of what is required and why. We want to help you understand code requirements and the essentials for keeping your community safe. Starting with the Ohio Building Code 1028.1.1 (found here about ¾ down the page) you will see that: 1028.1.1 Bleachers. Bleachers, grandstands and folding and telescopic…

The Truth About Front Row Aisle Steps and a Solution to Stay Safe!

Telescopic Bleachers

  We recently noted a trend in our inspection reports that indicates a number of facilities do not utilize their Removable Front Row Aisle Steps. We’ve heard reasons that range from “we lost a step” to “the steps are heavy and a nuisance to take out and put back each time.” We have even heard that they are a…

Elgin K-12 – Marion, OH

Plastic Laminate Casework

  Facility: Elgin K-12 School – Elgin Local School District, OH Architect:  Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc. – Celina, OH Construction Manager: Turner Construction – Columbus, OH Contractor: Adena Corporation – Mansfield, OH Sub-Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company Elgin Local School District started the 2013-2014 school year with a new building dedication on September 1st. Farnham Equipment Company provided Steven’s Casework for this project and featured Hussey Seating Company…